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Literacywork International is a small literacy-focused research and development company. From youth literacy to English as a Second Language, and workforce preparation, we focus on practical solutions to complex problems, including:

  1. Conducting research in what works in youth and adult literacy, ESL instruction, and workforce preparation.

  2. Preparing analyses and policy recommendations for legislators, foundations, and program operators.

  3. Developing instructional designs and related instructional materials.

  4. Providing professional development for teachers and technical assistance for administrators seeking to develop new program designs.

Teacher Resources

This site is intended to be of use to policy makers, administrators, and, most of all, teachers. Our policy is to make all of our materials available to be used freely by teachers for non-commercial purposes.

ESL teachers will likely find the section on ESL by Design particularly helpful. This is a comprehensive and integrated approach to teaching ESL, which includes a recommended lesson flow and concise descriptions of key strategies. These strategies are linked to instructional materials and teacher videos found on other parts of this site. (Note: This section is still under development.) The section on Resources offers a wide variety of materials from research papers to student readers that teachers may use freely.The Videos section shows examples of teachers in classrooms using effective strategies. Finally, the Favorites section includes things we have found interesting or entertaining and think you might enjoy.

Focus on Real-World, Evidence-Based Solutions

Linking Research, Policy and Practice

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

Frederick Douglas

Literacywork-Related Web Sites

CLESE ESL for seniors and refugees

This project was among the first eight EL-Civics demonstration projects funded by the Department of Education. We designed the EL-Civics instructional program for elder immigrants and refugees in Chicago. The web site includes curriculum and videos. The project became a model for other programs throughout the state of Illinois funded by the Department of Human Services. Click on the Bright Ideas link.

Canada Youth Literacy

We developed and guided implementation of a model program for dropout youth who have low literacy levels. The web site includes a description of the instructional design, the research report, teacher guides, and extensive reading materials designed for adolescents with low reading levels. All materials are available for free download and use.

ESL class, Socorro, Texas | EL-Civics Project, Juarez, Mexico

Sustained silent reading, National Youth Literacy Demonstration Project, Canada


Recent Additions

  1. 4/10/10 Uploaded PowerPoint presentation from  National Center for Family Literacy Conference to Resources section.

  2. 5/24/10 Uploaded multiple papers in Resources, added new videos, and Favorites section.